Ecosystem Modelling

Ecosystem modelling is an important tool in the delivery of ecosystem based management that underpins most existing environmental legislation, but the uptake of UK ecosystem models has been limited. The ecosystems networking group will bring together a multidisciplinary community of decision makers and scientists to maximise the impact of ecosystem modelling.

This group will aim to provide a bridge between science and policy to identify opportunities for the use of exiting ecosystem modelling and highlight new underpinning science required. It will be aligned with the MSCC ecosystem modelling subgroup helping to deliver the UK ecosystem modelling strategy. The partners in the group will include ecosystem modellers, social scientists, economists, decision makers, and data providers.

The group will:

  • Develop a marine UK ecosystem modelling strategy
  • Provide updated marine ecosystem model use statements and policy summaries, including new case-studies that demonstrate impact
  • Assess novel methods for analysing, visualising and communicating ensemble model products and their associated uncertainty
  • Contribute to initiatives on ecosystem based management lead by ICES and other regional organisations
  • Build a multidisciplinary community to support the application of ecosystem modelling.

Chair: Kieran Hyder