Workshops bring together the Ocean Prediction community to provide a forum for science exchange

Fundamental to the success of the National Partnership of Ocean Prediction are its workshops, which will be held bi-annually.

During these workshops Activity Groups can meet to discuss issues of a strategic, scientific and technical nature. They will provide the opportunity to exchange science priorities and insights within the National Partnership as well as more broadly. They will therefore be open to the broader UK science community to ensure they are a conduit for stimulating and informative science discussion.

Details of future workshops will become available on this page.

The Inaugural Workshop 2016

Predicting the ocean: the inaugural science workshop of the National Partnership for Ocean Prediction

The inaugural workshop brought together representatives of the Partner organisations and other interested groups to witness the signing of the Consortium Agreement and to discuss the aims and ambitions of the National Partnership.

The workshop aims were to;

  • present the concept of the National Partnership for Ocean Prediction and to ensure community awareness of its aims;
  • stimulate collaborative activity around key elements of its science;
  • provide a forum for science exchange related to Ocean Prediction;
  • engage the science community who can contribute its mission, ensuring that science has impact

There were talks focussed on the following themes:

  • Next generation ocean monitoring and prediction systems
  • Science with impact – linking to policy and operations
  • Predictions from hours to centuries

Break out groups discussed the science priorities for the National Partnership for Ocean Prediction, helping to shape the Activity Groups and their role in progressing the science of ocean prediction.