Next Generation Marine Biogeochemistry Modelling

Based on the National Partnership for Ocean Prediction’s mission to promote the application of world-leading marine products and its declared activities, in particular the joint development of actionable model-based products and services, the main objective of this group is to support and ensure the adequate pull-through of cutting edge model development into operational systems and key applications, so to facilitate the link between model developers and model users.

The group will ensure the availability of version controlled repositories for model software and model configurations. We will maintain adequate documentation of the model system covering scientific contents and user guides and coordinate and streamline the model development via regular communication channels like workshops and/or videoconferences.

The group provides communication channels for interaction of developers and users (and will for example produce e.g. user mailing list, forums, issue/bug tracking systems) and will build a multidisciplinary community to support the application of ecosystem modelling.

There will also be activities to train users in the use of marine biogeochemistry predictions.

Chairs: Yuri Artioli and Andrew Yool