To achieve its mission the National Partnership of Ocean Prediction undertakes the following activities:


  • Promote the use of operational ocean modelling with key stakeholders
  • Engage with the key user stakeholders to maximise uptake of Ocean Prediction products and services.


  • With stakeholders, identify the UK’s priorities for ocean predictions
  • Identify gaps and deficiencies in services and products, and prioritise these in relation to stakeholder needs and the delivery of specific impacts
  • Help inform the observational community on the observations (types and locations) needed by marine modelling and assimilation to meet these priorities.


  • Conduct joint scientific research
  • Ensure scientific endeavours are directed towards the joint priority goals of Ocean Prediction and delivery to stakeholders through jointly coordinated and delivered programmes
  • Horizon scan future research and development to ensure it meets developing needs. Deliver joint publications and other scientific/technical output.


  • Joint development of actionable model-based products and services
  • Work together to produce model based products and added-value advice and interpretation of these
  • These products include hindcast, reanalysis, analysis, forecast (days-seasons) and future projections (decades-centuries), as well as Rapid Environmental Assessments and Case studies.


  • Work together to generate the underpinning revenue to help support the above activities
  • Develop proposals through existing and novel funding routes, including the engagement with funding bodies to help direct calls and announcements of opportunities
  • Work with both Research funding and End-User funding routes, with the general objective being to align these funding avenues with the core business of our organisations
  • Work at building connections between our respective business development groups, so that they can seek public, NGO and commercial sector exploitation of partners products and services.