The National Partnership for Ocean Prediction provides a forum in which scientists and users can engage

The National Partnership for Ocean Prediction aims to provide a route through which the science community and the service provider communities can engage and communicate. We are here to provide information about our services, to identify gaps and deficiencies in them through conversations with users, and find the best ways to improve upon them through engaging with the science community.

If you are interested in ocean prediction, or for general National Partnership for Ocean Prediction enquiries please contact:

  • Jason Holt
    Head of Marine Systems Modelling
    National Oceanography Centre
  • John Siddorn
    Head of Ocean Forecasting R&D
    Met Office

For enquiries about specific Activity Groups please contact the activity group chairs:

Coasatal Processes
Luz Garzia
Marine Data Assimilation
Stefano Ciavatta
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Marine Biogeochemistry Modelling
Yuri Artioli
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Marine Predictions of Seasonal to Centennial Timescales
Richard Wood
Met Office
Observational Data Sets: Gaps and Requirements
Chris Banks
National Oceanography Centre
Surface Waves
John Bacon