How the National Partnership for Ocean Prediction is structured

The Member Institutions

The Founding Member Institutions are the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), the Met Office, the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML). 

Marine Scotland and the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) are in the process of joining the partnership.

The Governing Board

Our strategic direction is set by the Governing Board. The Governing Board consists of senior management representatives of the Member Institutions.

Governing Board members are:

  • Prof Ed Hill (NOC) – Chair
  • Prof Stephen de Mora (PML)
  • Dr Stephen Dye (Cefas)
  • Prof Dale Barker (Met Office)

NCEO and Marine Scotland also have participants on the Governing Board, and their representatives to sit on the GB will determined shortly.


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee’s role is to ensure our strategic aims are progressed and that the partnership’s activities are well aligned with those aims. The Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing the work of the Activity Groups and providing them with appropriate direction and resource. The Executive Committee consists of representatives of the Member Institutions at the level of managers and group heads.

  • Dr John Siddorn (Met Office)  – co-Chair
  • Prof Jason Holt (NOC) – co-Chair
  • Dr John Bacon (Cefas)
  • Dr Luz Garcia (Cefas)
  • Dr Richard Wood (Met Office) 
  • Dr Stefano Ciavatta (PML)
  • Dr Yuri Artioli (PML)
  • Prof Keith Haines (NCEO)
  • Dr Alejandro Gallego (Marine Scotland)

Activity Groups

Activity Groups are chaired by Executive Committee members. The role of the Activity Groups is to, under guidance from the Executive Committee, further the aims of the partnership. Activity Groups will be formed by the Executive Committee to address the five strategic Activities; Promote, Prioritise, Collaborate, Produce, Support.